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Daniel Winkler MS Knives

Daniel Winkler, Master Bladesmith
Since 2006 Dan has been making knives for USA's elite Military Special Operations Teams, working closely with United States and Allied SOF Teams developing items specifically for their use, as well as adapting their input to the Winkler Knives II Collection.  Before that Dan specialized in historical reproductions and renditions of colonial America with the same solid integrity of the tools used by our forefathers. The leatherwork of Karen Shook completes the look of authenticity and integrity that Dan's work represents.  Dan produces some of the finest hand forged iron, steel, and Damascus blades. 

winkler-Blue-Ridge-hunter-400 winkler-blue-ridge-hunter-a Winkler II Blue Ridge hunter.  Caswell finish tan micarta. Felt lined kydex sheath. Looks like belt knife but smaller. Price $325. Caswell finish /maple handle. Price $325.

winkler-contingency-a winkler-contingency-b Winkler Contingency / Caswell Maple $300.

winkler-SD1-a winkler-SD1-b Winkler SD 1 caswell/ elk $345.

winkler-SD2-d Winkler SD2 / Maple  $295.

winkler-tactical-dagger-tan-400 winkler-tactical-dagger-maple-400 Winkler II Tactical dagger. Caswell finish. Tan micarta or Maple handle.  Price $400.

winkler-NSFW-dagger-maple-400 Winkler II NSFW dagger. Caswell finish maple handle. Price $400.

WRT Large  $200. ( Weapon Retention Tool )
WRT Reg. $200.  ( Weapon Retention Tool )

winkler-belt-knife-oak winkler-2-belt-knife-aa winkler-belt-knife-rubber-400 winkler-belt-knife-400 Dan Winkler WK II Belt knife
This knife is very similar to the standard issue model Dan is providing to active duty operators within Naval Special Warfare. The 3/16" steel is 52-100 with a no-glare finish. A full tapered tang means great balance. The knife measures 9" overall- blade length is 4 3/4". Handle choices are curly maple, oak or recycled rubber. The Kydex lined with felt, leather sheath can be worn vertically or horizontally for right or left hand draw with simple adjustments. Brown leather sheath for wooden handles, black for rubber. $350.

winkler-field-d winkler-field-a winkler-2-field-knife-a Winkler Knives II Field Knife. This knife is 3/16" thick, 52 -100 steel. Blade length is 5 3/4" and overall length is 10 1/4".  The ambidextrous kydex lined sheath can be worn vertically or horizontally with minor adjustments. No-Glare Finish with Sheath, Black Rubber, Tan Micarta $375.
Field Knife Curly Maple (brown sheath) $375.

winkler-utility-rubber-b winkler-utility-aa winkler-utility-bb winkler-utility-knife-400 Dan Winkler WK II Utiliy
Truly a multi-tasker, this knife is well suited to a wide range of chores and environments. A full skeletonized tang enhances overall balance without compromising strength. The handle shape and double guard provide security as well as various grip options. Wide bevels and a diamond cross section tip mean low cutting drag and unfailing peformance. Sharpened serrations for sawing rope/fiber are located on the top of the blade, leaving the full length of the cutting edge intact. Blade length 4 7/8" - Overall length 9 1/2". Weight 6.5 oz - 8 oz. depending on handle material. Kydex sheath included in price.  Caswell No-Glare Finish with Rubber, Maple, or Micarta handle.  $450.  Tribal. Price $485.

winkler-tan-micarta-striker winkler-tan-micarta-striker-a winkler-knife-b Winkler II Striker.  The WK II Striker was developed at the request of an Allied Special Ops Team. They wanted a knife that with a hammer pole on the handle that would not break away or fail under heavy use. Striker has a 3/8" integral hammer that extends 1/8" beyond the handle. A skeletonized tang and full length taper reduce weight. As a conventional knife, Spike is made of 5160 steel that is impact resistant, sharpens easily and holds its edge well. The knife design means that the blade's energy is centered, thus minimizing drift. Rubber handle contours make it possible to comfortably reverse grip when utilizing the hammer for its intended uses. Blade length is 5 1/4" - Overall length 9 3/4" - Price includes an ambidextrous leather covered Kydex sheath. No-Glare Caswell Finish Rubber, rubber, or tan micarta handle.  $450.

dan-winkler-2-skinner-179 dan-winkler-2-skinner dan-winkler-2-skinner-b Skinning Knife    Suitable for many more field tasks than the name implies, this lightweight integral handle knife has the same attributes and includes the same carry system as the WKII neck knife. Textured handle for sure grip and Black KG finish for easy maintenance. Blade length is 2 7/8" - Overall length is 7".
Skinning Knife KG Finish with Sheath: $175.

winkler-hunting-knife-maple-400 Winkler II Hunting knife. Caswell finish maple handle . Price $350.

winkler-spike-Caswell-maple-400 Winkler II Spike. Caswell finish maple handle.  SOLD

winkler-defense-dagger-blk-lg-400 Winkler II Defense dagger. Black lg finish Price $200.

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winkler-bottle-opener-a winkler-bottle-opener-b Winkler II Bottle opener neck knife  SOLD

winkler-woodsman-b winkler-woodsman-a Winkler Woodsman Caswell / Elk  SOLD

winkler-pick-a Winkler Pick  (Spike)  SOLD

winkler-neck-knife-blk-lg-400 Winkler II Neck knife. Black lg finish.  SOLD

winkler-push-dagger-400 Winkler II Push dagger Caswell finish maple handle. SOLD

winkler-ranger-breaching-axe-400 Winkler II Ranger Breaching axe  Caswell finish / tan micarta cord. SOLD

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Knife Policy:  We offer a 3 day inspection period for knives.
If you are not satisfied (call or email to let us know ahead of sending), you may return the knife at your expense with insurance using the same method and type packaging as I used in sending it to you.  To confirm availability and to buy any of the knives on this site,
please call us at 215-862-5988 from 11-6pm Eastern Time. Thanks, Fred

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